Mary Handley-Jones

 I love to create. I grow an organic garden. I get to keep about two-thirds of what I grow and the bugs get the rest. I took a Master Composter class and have three compost bins. I believe in “re”. Re-purpose, recycle, reuse. I love to bake. I think this is all about creation. Creating something new, trying something different, achieving a different result.

When I meet a new client, I ask questions-where their new business comes from, do they know who their largest customers are, how they thank their clients, do they have an established marketing budget and others so I understand their goal which in turn, helps me to build a pathway to it. Even a pen can help build awareness.

I do the work I do because I love it. It’s a form of creation. I like the industry. I like the people I meet. I like to talk shop. I like solving problems. I like giving people a new perspective about marketing their businesses-even with ink on a form or an envelope. I enjoy creating a new idea with a client, blending new with traditional. Refreshing a logo or brand doesn’t mean changing the business or the way you do it but it can provide a different view into what you do and how you do it.

So now you have a little peek at who I am-take a look around and then give me a call. And thanks for stopping and meeting me and Indy, my Director of Inspiration!




Hi! I’m Indiana Jones-Director of Inspiration! I got this title because I had a really tough start. I was found suffering from an abusive environment as a pup while living under a bridge living in Arlington Texas. Fortunately, I was sent to a rescue where my human, Mary, found me. I was about three months old, sadly undernourished having just completed my antibiotics. Thus, my title. But now I’m a healthy 75 pounds and a constant source of companionship, protection and love. I’m also a valuable member of the team as I give my opinion of best ideas and product selections! Tell me what you think of my ideas and by the way, I can come up with others!



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